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Adult ADHD:

Adults with ADD/ADHD often experience many years of struggle before coming to the realization that there is a bonafide explanation for their difficulties. Lifelong struggles with organization, focus and productivity are commonplace for adults with ADD/ADHD. These struggles often result in problems achieving even simple goals, taking care of daily tasks, handling responsibilities, meeting deadlines and making appropriate decisions.

Men and women with ADD/ADHD often experience a life of shame, feel inadequate and irresponsible, and feel they are a disappointment to others and to themselves. Relationships are affected, if not destroyed; you are accused of not paying attention, not listening, not keeping promises, not following through, being unreliable, irresponsible and uncaring. The impact at work can be equally as devastating; your attention strays during meetings, you miss important deadlines or come late to appointments. Your productivity is compromised as you check e-mail, surf the web or find other distractions.

At ADHD Center of Northern New Jersey, we provide a full array of services for adults with ADD/ADHD. Evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of attention and executive function, including organization, time management, planning, judgment and decision-making, as well as review of relationship and employment history and performance.

Treatment options are individualized, and include executive coaching, life coaching, relationship counseling, and where appropriate, medication treatment. Alternative treatments are also available.



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